How to get Value from UiElement?

This question troubles me one whole night.
The variable name is item
The type is UiElement

When I use BreakPoints, The value is:
UiElement { ClippingRegion=null, Selector=“” }

I want to get tableCol=‘4’.
How to get?
Somebody can help me?

Now I upload the value,please check this image

here in selector you have mentioned that you are extracting data from 4th column and in 10th row. please check your selector for row and column index.

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But I just wang to get the tableCol=‘4’ . , how should I do ?

I just wan to get 4

Hi, @keven.yang

By the imagine that you post, you are trying to get the value from 4th column and 10th row. To get only the 4th column try to remove the “tablerow=10” from the selector.

But, as far as you are working with a table selector I would recommend you to always use some column and row attributes.

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