How to get use "Filter Data Table" activity to filter dates in Excel

I am busy with the development of a robot and I have ran into a problem where I have to filter through five different columns using the “Filter data table” activity. I want to filter by country, product, submitted, pending and on today’s date. The problem is that all filters work except the filter on today’s date. UiPath reads the date from Excel in US format with date and time when I use the message boxes, but when I put the contents of the message box in the “Filter Wizard”, I do not get the desired result. I have tried different types of .Net variables like “DateTime.ParseExact”, “DateTime.Now” and “Now.ShortDateToString” and asked other people about this problem but they could not help me.

Does anyone have an idea where it might be?

Can you share your workflow, as when you change the variable to date and time the date will be changed to standard format.

@mandeepsingh10 After reverting date from excel change format as the system format which you have

@Rashmi See below. I need the message box to return the value of row 6. Because my normal Excel file has over 10.000 rows so I need to know what things have come in by the day.

Test DateTime.xlsx (9.3 KB)

DateTime.xaml (10.9 KB)

I log in to a portal from the US en export a Excel file but because I use the European date format I dont know how do that in UiPath.

@mandeepsingh10 In filter data table “LastUpdatedDate” column pass value like this DateCurrent.ToString

Unfortunately, that did not resolve the problem.