How to filter an excel spreadsheet with date by (today +1 to today +3 days…)?

Try using filter data table but can’t work thanks all

find starter help here:
DT_FilterDates_ByDaysSegment.xaml (8.4 KB)

Can’t use filter data table ? Sorry beginner here thx u

Hi, you can do this:

Be aware that you should check if the dates are to be converted from string

Hi Gabriele how do I “ check if the dates are to be converted from string”? When I extracted the file the date column is in date and time format. I’m quite new to uipath so apology and Thanks for patience

@Lew_Sin_Tat the fastest way is to assign that value to a DateTime variable and see if it gives you an error, in that case the system will give you exception.

The report is downloaded or from a template? You can also try to change the column type in Excel

When I try the filter table u mentioned above it can excite successfully wo error but the columns show no data at all although it suppose to show some rows… what Shd I change the column type to ?

On the Excel, to DateTime

On the excel file it is already in date format

It does not work not sure y