How to Get Trigger Scope to Repeat Actions that includes Invoke Process?

My Trigger Scope stops working after performing its Actions one time. This happens only when an Invoke Process is included in the Actions.

The log trace shows that the Invoked Process workflow starts and ends (and it works fine).
If I comment out the Invoke Process, everything works as expected.

How can I get the Trigger Scope Action to repeatedly perform actions that include the Invoke Process activity?

Additional Info:

  • Trigger Scope SchedulingMode property is set to Sequential.
  • Invoke Process Use Package property is checked True.

More Details:

  • On the first trigger event, the Invoked Process runs successfully to completion and then the subsequent workflow Log message appears.
  • After the first successful trigger action is performed, subsequent triggers are not detected (unless Invoke Process is commented out), even though workflow is still running.
    • In other words: commenting out Invoke Process activity will repeatedly run the actions and show the Log Message as expected.

It appears that using an Invoke Process breaks the trigger scope activity but does not generate any exceptions, does not show any error messages, and does not terminate the workflow.