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Ihow we response about this question
A developer uses a key press trigger and click trigger activity to monitor events in an application ,the two trigger activities are withinn the same trigger scope activity,which approach ensures the workflow exits the Trigger scope activity after any trigger is activiated and the associated action is performed ?
1.Set “ShedulingMode =Concurrent” in the trigger scope activity properties
2.Set “BlockEvent =False” in the properties for the two trigger activities
3.Set “ShedulingMode=OneTime” in the trigger scope ctivity properties
4.Set the trigger activity within Parallel activity

what is the response
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It is easy for other people to share the answer with you. However, as a learning process for you, I suggest you to design a bot to test the different settings.

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ans would be 3 as it is given workflow exits, it happens only when we use sheduling mode = “one time” or should add break activity in the action sequence.

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