How to get transaction Item

Hi guys!

I have some gaps with transaction item…
My problem: I’ve a queue who have multiple items. How to iterate to get each transaction item and apply transItem.SpecificContent(“id”).ToString


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You can go for a loop or a flowchar iteration to get this buddy @Elya

Flowchart like
start → GetTransactionItem->Flowdecision condition like
“Not String,IsNullOrEmpty(transItem.SpecificContent(“id”))”
then if that passes connect from true part to GetTransactionItem again or end the process by connecting from false part of flow decision to a message box mentioning “no more queue item”

1 Like this activity takes new queue items, and puts them in progress. It will automatically get the next transaction item.

Please see How Get Transaction Item work? - #11 by ertogrul


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