How to Get Top 3 row data from excel?

While doing SAP automation i am Unable to fetch the Data which has same customer ID.

@Rakshitha_Ram Have you tried Data Scraping ?

Actually i want data from excel, that to row by row data if the customer data is same.image

Please find the attachment i want the PO Number which has same Customer ID, to create sales order.

@Rakshitha_Ram So you need to Check if the Customer ID in Excel Matches in SAP and Update PO No. in SAP ? Or is it a different Operation :sweat_smile:

Explaining in Detail is very Helpful :sweat_smile:

Yeah, 1 Customer_ID Respective PO number, Material And Quantity I should fetch from excel and Upload to single SAP- sales order list.

@Rakshitha_Ram Can you show us your SAP Table where the details need to be updated ?

@Rakshitha_Ram - Once you read the excel document → use FilterDataTable activity to filter data based on customer ID → based on filtered data → you can automate your inputs to the respective fields.

Yes, without disturbing my main excel, i copied those data into some other sheet. There i applied filter after that I used assign [variable type array of string] to store all material num to store. I’m getting Error here. So is there any other method to store 3datas at atime.
please suggest me.

This is my SAP Sales order creation page where i want to enter all my Details @ a time. For a single customer-ID all related details i want to enter.

@Rakshitha_Ram - After filter → how many records available in filtered datatable?
am expecting 1 unique customer with 3 records…
if you want to add 3 records data to the sap table → do a for each row activity with the filtered table and assign to the respective columns.

@Rakshitha_Ram Assuming All the Details that you want to Fill are in the Excel File, you’ll need to Take the Respective Values From the Excel that are of the matching Customer ID in the SAP Table, and Fill it. You might need to use for each if there’s a Table Involved to fill. Is that a Table at the Bottom that needs to be filled ? If so, I guess you could maximize the Table Layout of it as well. Then we’ll try to insert data into it.

By using Assign we can store only one data.

do the foreach for that filtered datatable and assign each value to the sap table.

Please help how can i assign values. I used (Material = row(0).ToString & " " & Material) I can get values here but While dumpling values into Sap It should enter into Different rows. by using this Method of assign it will dump into single field.

@Rakshitha_Ram - you can do the dynamic selector in sap table.
inspect the sap table 3 rows for id/aaname which will be reference for you to assign each table filtered row as inputs for the 3 sap rows.
create a variable like - strSAPRowName and assign the unique value for each row
assign the strSAPRowName to sap row selector
<webctrl aaname=‘{{strSAPRowName }}’ … />