How to get tool tip value from bar chart?

I have a bar chart similar to India COVID: 31,329,005 Cases and 420,019 Deaths - Worldometer

I want to get the tooltip value.
I tried to indicate on screen. When I check the selector, I see

When I run the robot, I see the error message “element is not found” .
I understand the problem is in css-selector. How can I correct that? And how can I get the tooltip value?

Hi @shenthils,

Check this attached file sample.xaml (7.9 KB)

Thankyou Aanand. It works in IE, but not in Chrome.
Can you please explain how you make it?

Image is not available. So I could not understand which element you indicated on the screen. I tried it by indicating a bar, but it doesn’t work for me.

hi @shenthils,

Set focus won’t work in Chrome so you build your logic to scroll down.

Can you please explain the selector in Hover and Get Full Text?


Hover is just moving the mouse pointer on the chart bar.
Get full text is taking the entire text from the pop up details of chart.

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