Get Tooltip Text

Hi i am trying to get the star rating out of a Tooltip while Hovering but have not been successful, is there a way to do it.

Hi @Aksh_7

Either use ui explorer with delay if that tooltip is staying to identify or you have to construct the selector by viewing it in chrome developer console using inspect


Hi @Aksh_7

You can alternately try this as well to get the tooltip if it doesnot stay. THis helps you pause the scripts and html will stay as is and you can identify the element from inspect element window in chrome

In Chrome dev tools

1.Go to sources tab under dev tools.
2.Hover it and press F8.
3.You can now check the html code in dev tools and frame the selector for ui-path.

Then use get text


I tried but the tooltip text is not coming in Property Explorer

Hi @Aksh_7

Try the above on chrome directly

  1. Right click any where on chrome and select inspect

  2. From the menu select Sources

  3. Then hover your mouse on the tooltip to make it visible and then press F8

  4. Then come to Elements and click on arrow

  5. Now see the html of tooltip and write the selector your self.

Some tooltips we cant identify in uipath directly need to construct them


in a majority a tooltip of webelementsis the title attribute (see left side below within the UiExplorer)

So we can get it by get Attribute Activity - title and target the element defining the the tooltip.

In some case we need more to analyze as described above:

  • Webelement inspector (F12 Web Tools from browser)
  • Uiexplorer
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I have constructed one Selector While fetching attribute it is giving me Blank output

just share with us details / screenshots from

  • element with the hover text
  • its element structure details from UiExplorer/F12 Webtools
  • your modelling


Hi @Aksh_7

What did you construct can you paste?

And also you can try one thing…identify a div tag which is enclosing the tooltip div or span that you have and try getting innertext of that… that might guve you the required tooltip value


Hi @Aksh_7

The star div will have mostly the tooltip under it…did you try with f8 and get the value?

And while getting the value using uipath did you use hover activity first to get the tool tip?

And then a get text or a get attribute of innertext

Please try it


Hi @Aksh_7

When getting using uipath did you add the hover action on to star as well ?? And then get the attribute?try get visible text

If yes then use a higher div …that might include some extra info but we can get it from string using regex but using higher div also helps