Can't find an anchor to my element

I want to select an option from a toolbar of a software and I’m not able to find an anchor that works… I tried using 3 anchors but validation is never even close to 100%.
There are far too many duplicate elements.

Hi @KD11 ,

Does that particular element have any Tooltip that appears when you manually hover over it(using the mouse)?
If so, then we could use that in our selector.

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Ashwin A.K

Hello Ashwin, it does have a tooltip… how can we use it as selector?

I started using UIPATH since few hours ago… I’m new to this.

Hi @KD11 ,

There is a feature called UI Explorer, which you can access either from the Selector Editor or from the Studio.

Click on that, and search for the element which contains the Tooltip, and add that to the Selector then try Validating and see if that alone can detect the element of interest.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

@KD11 May I know why you are using Anchors. Were the selectors are not working ?. If you haven’t try with the selectors, please follow the below steps

  • Get an activity from the activities panel
  • Click on indicate on Screen and highlight the element on which you want to perform an action
  • It will generate selector and expand that field

  • Save the workflow and test that activity
  • If it doesn’t work share the screenshot of the selector here

Hi @KD11

Try to Use Image Selection (Press F3) before selecting the position.


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Welcome to uipath forum

To make it very simple try with Compute vision activities

It would be able to find the element with multiple approaches

Cheers @KD11

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Is there any further queries on this topic


I’m trying things suggested in this thread… I’m trying to use vision to solve my problem…

so far no progress

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Vision seems mainly used with media… I dont get why you’d think it would work for my problem… maybe im missing something

Cant find this UI explorer?

Googling hasnt helped? How can I download it?

Well not really
The reason why I suggested is it can identify elements with multiple combination of detecting UI elements
Which makes it easier to identify all elements in a region of scope

Cheers @KD11

No cheers for me yet!

Which of these vision options do you have in mind?
Also, where can i get UI exploere?

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I think you are searching for wrong one

Not the Microsoft vision
I meant on computer vision activities

Search as computer vision in activity panel and check for the activities under that

If it’s not displaying then go to design tab → manage packages → all packages-> search for UiPath.ComputerVision and install it


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ohh… I was using UI StudioX… thats why I wasnt seeing these things naturally… I’ve moved to studio now… without the X

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Is it fine now @KD11

thanks for checking back… I’ve made progress… but there are huddles still…

Performing operations on my APP takes time… so the only way to wait is the Check App State feature right?

Also… The Model you see in the img has a name and UI Path is hardcoding it… so for every new model I have to capture the screen again… is there a way around it?

If you want to check whether the page is loaded then that activity is fine to use


Heres a problem I’m facing consistently…

Say i perform an operation… that takes unpredictable amount of time to complete… and them a dialog box appears where i have to click OK.

Now I’ve placed this final dialog box in the Check APP state function…
I’ve even given it a generous amount of delay time…
And when It appears… I click okay…

Everything is working fine except the last part…

UI path is not waiting for the final dialog box to appear is is jumping ahead and giving me an error.

What can I do?

@KD11 Can you try enabling the Check Visibility property this you can find in the right side properties of Check App State. Also, there is another property called Wait for Page Load set this property to complete

Also, is the selector of Check App State highlighting the right element? You can check this by clicking on highlight button within the selector