How to get the undelivered mails from inbox in outlook

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when we send the mails to non existed mail ids, we get mails to inbox saying mail is undelivered. I tried using Get outlook mail activity but i am unable to extract those mails. Can anyone help on this issue?

Hi @Manjuts90,
Just a potential example:

@Pablito Thanks for reply. But get outlook mail messages activity wont extract those mails from inbox.

It should without any problem. Have you tried experiment with attributes?

@Pablito I checked all attributes but none of them worked.

I tested it. Sorry for my mistake, you’re right. Please check this post:

Especially this:

Failed items are notifications, not email items that is why Get Outlook Mail Message or any other email client activity cannot read failed items. You can write your own custom code.

So seems that the only way at the moment is to work with code instead of activities.

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@Pablito Thanks for reply, if you know any code can you post it here for doing the same.

The funniest thing is that people have similar issue using C#/C++ as well.


@Pablito Thank you bro

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Pls use get exchange mail messages activity for getting the undelivered emails

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