How to read undelivered mail in outlook inbox using uipath?

I need to read mail inbox to retrieve the subject of a undelivered mail. I used Get Outlook Mail Message activity and it didn’t give me what I expected. Could anyone please help to solve this?

You can use the filter condition for subject in the properties of Get Outlook Messages.

“[Subject] = ‘Mail undelivered*’”

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I’ve tried that too. But didn’t work. Is there another way?

After getting emails without any filter, you can add one if condition while looping thru the emails.

If mail.Subject.Contains("undeliverable") Then
End If

Hi @punya
Can you post the Screenshot of the Subject of of your Undelivered mail just check once that the subject of your undelivered mails and the filter Expression provided by the @KarthikByggari
if these both are same then it should work.

@punya, failed items are notifications, not email items that is why Get Outlook Mail Message or any other email client activity cannot read failed items. You can write your own custom code.

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@KarthikByggari Yeah I can. But here the problem is Get Outlook Mail Message is not retrieving the undelivered mail details.

@jitendra_123 It’s nothing. There is nothing in the subject. It’s blank

@vikaskulhari Could you please give me a help? Actually, I have no idea about how to start it.

@punya i never worked on the same but Yeah you can google C# code.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

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Thank you @vikaskulhari :slight_smile:

Did you manage to write any code to do this?

get outlook mail messages in uipath

  1. After dragging and dropping it into your sequence or you flowchart you have to set its properties.
  2. ⦁ Account: put your emails address. ⦁ MailFolder: the folder which you need to retrieve the emails .
  3. ⦁ TypeArgument: mail . mailmessage . ⦁ Values: mails (the output variable from the Get outlook mail activity)