How to get the selector based on mouse cursor position

In My project scenrio, Using hot keys i choose one field in my sap application. But i need the selector for chosen field. Mouse cursor is showing that field only.

For using click or get text activity we need selector , so please provide suggestion to get the selector based on mouse position


Instead of using the hot key and getting the selector whats the challenge in using the click activity or Get text activity directly.

As per my understanding based on the current position of the cursor you cannot get the selector details.

You can refer to the below activity also.


I need to extract last element in each expandable tree. i tried with find childeren i am not getting proper information. any other possible to achieve this .

I attached Example image also

@BNK Can you try Find Children activity.

Already i tried with find children. It is not working.

That expandable tree is also dynamic. In selector also i am not get proper.

The image link is broken, but perhaps you could place the mouse in the tree, use hover activity to go to the option and then click. But you probably need to select an area (with F3) to click that exact place.

In this case, make sure the app is maximized, so the selectors can work better