How to find proper selector?


I have this problem with iterating over the separate folders. I cant find the selector which would count how many of the smaller text folders (highlighted in orange) there is so I can open each one download text and come back until there are none left.

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did FIND CHILDREN activity helped us on this where the output of this activity can be passed as input to FOR EACH activity wheer change the type argument as System.Core.UiElement
–then inside that use GET ATTRIBUTE activity, by pass the input item to the propertyy element in the property and get the attribute we want from the selector

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Hi, Thanks for all the help so far, but I still can’t figure out how to do it. I set the selector for find children but I’m not sure if its right because first I need the project location as a child and then project as the other. And I’m not sure what to do about the get attribute activity.

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I am not sure I fully understood the question, here is what I get from the above.

The OP has to expand the tree-view and extract only the text? or click it? or do some operations on ‘ALL’ the expandable lists or just the one in question that is highlighted?

Find children would be the optimal solution for .net apps and web, but if it is only one expanding list then dynamic selector is the way to go - it is faster and easier to implement.

Get back with more details I will surely help out :slight_smile:



Thanks for all the help so far! Ill send you the process and try to explain what its supposed to do.

SharepointAggregateReport.xaml (65.8 KB)

It should get to every file in sharepoint take the body and header out of it and append it to the word. The way I approached it was that it would go always through project location → client → project. I went through index which is working until there are multiple clients in one locations, then it starts iterating over them and stops going to projects after the first one.

Thanks again for all the help I really appreciate it