How to get the number of rows in a webpage and i want to delete the rows dynamically

In the below screen there is table form in the webpage.
Case1 : want to delete all rows one by one.
Case2 : Want to delete dynamically, will pass the name so that perticular name only should be deleted.
Could you please help me on this.

@Sasidhar143 Can you use Click Activity on the First row and Second row and Check it’s Selectors in UiExplorer?

Hi, for the Case1, if you use a click activity pointing to the first delete icon and using the Options header cell as anchor, it should work. If it does, than you go on using a Repeat activity.

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If i pass the Name = “Shannu Reddy Lingala” it should go and click on delete icon which is in the 8th column.

but this is not working for me

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Maybe it is because it is spanning across multiple lines?

So are you really using StudioX or the standard one? One thing to notice is that you may need to keep the tablecol but not the tableRow there…

I am using StudioPro standard version