Creating a Data Table Dynamically

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I have a scenario where I have a web page with a table with three columns and some rows. The number of rows and the data inside is dynamic(can change every time - could be 2, 3 or 4 rows). The first column in every row will have an edit button that takes the user to the next page. There is a form in the next page which should be filled with data from the row selected. I want my robot to be able to click on the edit button for every row (considering the number of rows may vary) and fill out the form. How can I achieve this. How can I create a Data Table dynamically from the table?

After you have processed the first item in the list, does it disappear from the list? Ideally, it will. Then you just click the first one, fill out the form, refresh the list, click the first one again…until there are no more in the list. You don’t need a datatable.

Anyway, if you do want to grab all the data from the web table and put it into a datatable that’s what the table extraction wizard is for. But that doesn’t really help you, because you can’t click items from a datatable.

Actually, I don’t have access to that web form yet. Just doing some preliminary search on how I would actually do that. But you are right, I believe after processing the first row from the table, it will disappear and the second row will become the first row. So, I should not need Data table and can directly grab the data. Thank you!

Disappearing the first item after processing is working fine. But there could be a scenario while processing that if certain conditions are not met then that row is not going to disappear. I should then move on to next row for processing. How can I achieve that. Please help.

I tried to use dynamic selector to click on the edit button (based on rowNum) but it is not working. It is still getting the results from the first row. Please help.

Here is the selector

where rowNum is getting the row count (1, 2, 3, 4, …)

The best way is to have a way to mark them as not completed but they still go away from the list.

I am sorry, I could not get that. If any row is not processed, it will remain in the table. Then I should click on the next edit button in the row.
Currently, I made the selectors based on first row. First and second row data is processed and both these rows are removed from the table and it is working fine. On the third edit button, data is not processed (so this row will remain in the table). But now I want to click the 4th edit button, which will be at position 2 after processing the previous rows. Dynamic selectors would not help as the position of rows will change. How can I do this. Please help.

Dynamic selectors work, you just have to calculate the position of the next row based on whether the previous row was removed (success) or not (fail).

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