How to get the header using filtered datatable


could you please help me regarding with filtered data table.

I filtered the data from excel using a filtered data table then I used append activity to paste the filtered data in another excel file, but the problem is I only appended the data, the header is missing. Yes, it’s maybe because of the condition I wrote in the filtered data table activity. question is, how do I add the header?

Source and Result screenshots :

@Juliene Refer This Post and let me know.

I still got the same result. no header :frowning_face:

@Juliene I Guess it is because you’re using Append Range, If the Append Range is in a Loop, For the First Iteration use Write range Activity and for the rest of the Iterations use Append Range Activity, You can do this by using If Condition, Also make sure Add Headers is Checked in Write Range