Append Data Table without Headers

Hello, I made a sequence that write a Data table into excel with headers (it will create the excel and the sheet if not exist).

I want it to append the data table to the existed excel without the headers on the second or more run. How??

-This system is about invoice data extraction
-there’s 3 kind of invoice template
-I made 3 data table for each Invoice Template
-there’s gonna be 3 sheet for each data table


Don’t know if this is the most efficient to do it, but you could append the rows in the DataTable one row at a time using a loop and just skip the first row.

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Try this approach:

  1. Take one if condition and check if the data table has data or not for that pass this expression

In Then block use Append Range
In Else block use Write range.

The above approach if the excel is present and if the rows count greater than 1. that means the data is already present in this case we’re appending the data instead of creating the new excel.

If rows count not greater than 1 that means there is no data in this case we’re writing the data to that excel.

Try this and let me know ]


Because the Append Range, Write Range, and Read Range is Inside the body of Use Excel File Activity (This Activity create the excel file if it’s not exist yet), so it’s gonna be fine about the excel existence.

although the specific sheet is not exist yet because it is created in the write range activity.

so it would be error if the read range comes before write range because the specific sheet not existed yet.

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