Need to filter datatable with headers

Hi Friends,

This is my requirement,

I have an excel with 5 columns
There are 2 rows before the headers in the excel with the process name
I have to delete those 2 rows to reach the headers
After which i need to filter based on the column name in Headers
Then i need to save / write this to another excel with the headers

Solution tried

I used a Read range to read the excel- stored in Master table
Then used this Table1=MasterData.AsEnumerable().Skip(1).CopyToDataTable in assign activity and copied to to Table1
This deleted the first 2 rows which was unnecessary.
I Got the table record i wanted to filter
I used the filterdata table also tried the below MasterData.AsEnumerable().Skip(1).Where(Function(r) r(3).ToString.Trim=“Yes”).CopyToDataTable

I was able to filter the records , But the headers are missing.
I need the headers for future needs

Can someone help me in getting the headers even after filtering.


Hi, @RenukaRPA
Try this to filter the DataTable,
DataTablefiltered = DataTabletofilter.Select(“[ColumnName] =’ Valuetofilter’ AND NOT [Column10] = ‘ValuetoFilter’”).CopyToDataTable
You can use either the ColumnName or ColumnNumber to identify the columns

Hope it help,