How to get the file name as the column header

Hi all,
I am trying to get the specific file name as a column header. I need to extract the specific column from different excel sheets and write to another new excel sheet with the file name as the column header.
Here I’m just able to collect the different columns from different sheets with the same column header.

But I can’t able to get the file name as column header, which makes the user to understand the difference in the column header
Finally, I need the output like as follows

Please help me out

Hi @Sharmila,

Hope this could help. Maybe I am misunderstanding the problem but I see two quick options:

  1. Changing the column name of the datatable as per your requirements.
  2. Filling the first row with the names you want to use as headers and after that filling in the table with the table using the second row as start point.
  3. Filling all the data as you are doing and after it change the value of the cells that you are using as headers (B1,C1,D1…).

Best regards,