Extracting File name as a column header

Hi all,
I am trying to get the specific file name as a column header. I need to extract the specific column from different excel sheets and write to another new excel sheet with the file name as the column header.
Here I’m just able to collect the different columns from different sheets with the same column header.

But I can’t able to get the file name as column header, which makes the user to understand on which date it was extracted in the column header.
Finally, I need the output like as follows

Please help me out


where you will get the file name from ?

Hi @Manohar1
Thanks for your quick reply.
File name in the sense excel sheet name. I have taken it from my system folder (For example: C:\Users\KT016\Documents\UiPath\MultExcel)


1.If you want to get the name of the files from a specific folder use custom activity of Get Files which is available in UIpath.Directorysearch.activity package,this is will store all the file names into a list and then use for each and assign individual file into a variable
2.use build datatable and create a datatable
3.use add data row and add the data to the specific DT.