How to get the email sender address from outlook to an excel file Studio X

I want to know how to get information from outlook like email sender, date, time… and extract it in an excel file. Can you please share…



Use outlook scope activity…inside it for each email

…inside that currentMail.From , currentMail.ReceivedDate etc will gice info you need…

So inside loop use a use excel file qctivity with write cell and auto increment checked…so for eqch loop the value gets extracted…

Make sure you use the use excel file activity arounf tge for loop and not inside


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Use For Each Email in Inbox
for example then Write Cell activity and you will have on the write cell activity on “what to write” under current mail all the info you need.

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getting some error, object reference not set to be instance of an object like this…


Can you share the screenshot the way you have implemented


Add an Outlook Email activity to connect to your Outlook account. You can use the “Get Outlook Mail Messages” activity for this purpose.

Click on “Add a Service” in the Outlook Email activity.
Select “Outlook” from the list of services.
Configure your Outlook account by providing your email address and password.

Use the “Get Outlook Mail Messages” activity to retrieve the emails you want to extract sender addresses from. Configure the activity with the desired parameters, such as the folder, date range, and the number of emails to retrieve.

Add a “For Each” activity to loop through the retrieved emails one by one. This will allow you to extract sender addresses from each email.

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