How to get text from pdf

I want to get words from the pdf which is opened in the Chrome browser.

From the above image from the pdf, I want to fetch specific text which is marked in red. Pdf template is the same for all the documents.
I have tried the get text activity but did not work. On using get text activity, the complete page gets selected.

Please help.

if you want only those two values iii.New exhibit space selection is constant go for relative scraping.


Can you provide example of pdf?

I am opening the pdf document in the chrome browser. When I am trying to select the text from this opened pdf, the complete text gets selected.
On using scraping, it shows error that it is not supported in only internet explorer.

please help.

I am trying to open the pdf document from the chrome browser.
This happens for all the pdf documents.

is there a way to download the PDF.?

Yes. We can download the pdf file.

@Ajinkya_Deshmukh Download the PDF, if its in native format, use “Read PDF Text” activity, else use "Read PDF with OCR activty to read the PDF content. The output will be of data type String.
Do string manipulation or use Matches activity with regex pattern to match the value you want to retrieve. This will give you the required values.

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You can follow watever @Madhavi has mentioned, if it is not readable PDF and your OCR results are bad then go for relative scrap.