Read Pdf Text from a pdf on a webpage


I want to extract the text from a pdf that open with internet explorer, does it able to extract the text directly or I need to download the pdf file first?

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First download the pdf and then read the pdf using read pdf text activity .

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How if I want to read a variety of pdf file?

you can read any pdf file but what are the data that you want to get ? if it is possible can you share the sample data.

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I want to get all the text.

okay fine…by using read pdf text activity you can read the pdf and you will get output data in string.

Yes, its works for many pdf file, but why the pdf attached above is not worked?

What activity should be used to download the pdf above?

from where you want to download ?

From the Internet Explorer browser.

like from which website you need to download that? and check for is there any download options is there to click

From this website:

No download option but print and save as.

here we have down;load option right ? use that

But how if it is download by using uipath

try to click that icon.

Mine only have print and save as icon