Get the dynamic value from the web-page

Hi all,

I have a web page in which I want to extract the value .so I used get text activity and pass the variable into the message box . so every time values get change like example- shared preference-email or shared preference - xact analysis and sometimes it is empty. how to solve it.

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Below selector there is one option wait for ready
Please select it as complete.
This will solve your issue

Could you please paste selector which you are using in get text activity.? And also please paste screen shot of same selector from uiexplorer?

Hi @Meenakshi6246.
You may use dynamic selectors for that :slight_smile:
Feel free to consult us :slight_smile:

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Hi @Meenakshi6246!
Like what @Jan_Brian_Despi said, you can use dynamic selectors and make use of wildcards *? and more :slight_smile:

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Change those dynamic parts of the selector by a variable or a wildcard

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same problem with me.
actually I have used get text activity but its not working. sometimes selector fails. so what should i do?

Hi All,

Goto right Click component->Edit Selector and then try to edit the dynamic part of the component.

say if it is “shared preference-email” or “shared preference - xact analysis” then edit using wild card " * "… selector as " shared preference-* "

It should definitely work for you…