How to get specific value from for each row in data table CurrentRow?

I have a data table I want to loop through in, used the for each row in data table.

In my current Row there’s a column for Name, Age and Address, how do I select the value from Age?


You can do so in the following :




Same method can be used to get the values of Age and Address

Hi @wdescalsota

inside the for each row

Currentrow(“Age”).tostring will list all the age


Hi @wdescalsota

Here is the workflow

Sequence.xaml (9.2 KB)



It doesn’t seem to work

Hi @wdescalsota

Use Read Range activity

Store the value in the Data Table → DT

Use For each Row in Data table

User Assign activity
LHS - Create an variable
RHS - CurrentRow(“Age”).ToString

Refer the Screenshot

@wdescalsota ,

In Debug Mode, Please Make sure the Control is inside the For Each Row Activity for the CurrentRow to be used

Currently within it’s cope

This is the DT I am looping through

Sorry, this is right, I didn’t put any activity within body so robot didn’t go in, this works, Thank you

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