How to get row items on the basis of other excel file cell

If there is a excel file and it is required to extract some rows from this excel sheet on the basis of other excel sheet which contains a column “EAN No” if that particular column matches with other excel’s “EAN NO” column.
How to extract the Rows of that matched row?

You will get an idea how to compare two data tables!

![Master Sheet.xlsx (13.9 KB)
STudent Sheet.xlsx (13.7 KB)
://gwouTDaawaiWU1DpEI3RjbOPfgY.JPG)FIlefil Suppose there are two files “master file” and “filetofil”.I have to use the column rollno from one excel and get the corresponding rows from mastersheet and fill in other “filetofill” files column. I am not able to find the corresponding rows.