How to compare two columns in two different excel sheets



How to compare two columns in two different excel sheets and identify the different elements in the column.

for e.g. In one excel I have column values like (1,4,6,8,10) and in other I have values like(1,2,4,8,10). I need to display only 2.(Not similar to both columns).I need to extract the whole row.
can anyone help me in this ?


This depends on the size of the files and the rows you want to pull. I did a similar effort but took multiple builds as my Column 1 had 60,000 records and my column 2 had 800 records. If you try a for each on a large number of records your bot will run slow.

How many records in each group? and do you need the “whole” row or just parts of the row?


Thanks for the reply.
In column1, I have 72 records and in column2 15 records. I need to extract parts of the row



.Sam.xaml (14.8 KB)


Thanks it works fine.

can I pass one full column(different excel) as an argument instead of one name("[first name]" like ‘sam’)


Sorry, i’m not too sure of the request. Do you want to collect entire row of matched data? Or do you want to use logic to Match entire row of data, like select if first name & last name match?


Thanks for the reply

I want to fetch the entire row of unmatched data.

In one excel I have details of the employees and department where he is working and in other excel I have department name.

if I pass department name as an argument I want to extract the data of all the employees who are not working in the department.

e.g. if I pass hr as an department name, I want to fetch the details of all the employee who are not working in hr department.


Sorry for the delay. Are you still facing this issue?


Yes. I am unable to match and fetch also


How to use not like with selector ?


can you please tell me why counter is used ?

I tried this but I am getting index was outside the bounds of array.