Row selection based on specific criteria

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My problem statement is their are two excel file’s . For first excel file named “Master”, for eg. say it has 10 columns, within the columns their is a column named “rsp” and one name “validation status”
and the second excel file named “Biller” also has the same no. of columns with the same names it is almost identical , but has some additional data compared to file 1 . I have to match the “rsp” which is an integer number, of both the files and if the data matches i have to fetch the rows from 2nd file where validation status is available and paste that rows or we can say replace that rows in the Master file. I have attached sample files .
basically i want to fetch certain rows based on some condition and replace that rows in an another file biller.xlsx (8.3 KB) master.xlsx (8.3 KB)

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