How to get queue item with Get Queue Items Activity?

Scroll down until you reach the SpecificContent word, underneath that you will see a word that says InputValue. Underneath that word is the value I need to get.

Here is the Get Queue Item and it’s properties.

Based on that, the Get Queue Item has the value that I need to get. How can I get that value and write it to line?



For example in your case it will be.
Use Assing activity below Get Queue Items



Please check it again…
I miss Typed function name.

getSpecificContent is not an option. It’s not in the list when you type .


You can get a function details here QueueItem Variables


It looks like Value has to by of Queue Item type which it wasn’t. I just changed it and now I’m getting an error about Option strict disallow.

Can you show what did you have changed n what’s new added in code ?

So at first when I created value it was done with CTRL + K and then i changed it to queue item type which gives that disallow message.

This is the message: "
Compile error(s) encountered processing expression “Value”
Option Strict On disallows implicit conversions from
"UiPath.Core.QueueItem’ to ‘System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable (Of UiPath.Core.QueueItem).’


Variable type changed was not required.

Bz. The function which are provides it of Uipath.Core.QueueItem

Please change variable type and check.

No when you create a variable with ctrl + k for the Get Queue Items Activity the variable type is IEnumerable

Below is a screenshot:

Please check out for Solution.