How to get process schedules by bot ID? API


I am trying to get the process schedules assigned to an specificity robot, so i use this url:{{account}}/{{service}}/odata/ProcessSchedules?$expand=ExecutorRobots&$filter=ExecutorRobots/Id eq 98948

But i get this error:


I think the error is because ExecutorRobots is an array so $filter doesn’t work.
Does anyone know how to make it work?

Thanks for reading.

I was able to solve it using this:{{account}}/{{service}}/odata/ProcessSchedules?$filter=ExecutorRobots/any(a:contains(a/{{field}},{{value}}))&$expand=ExecutorRobots

I hope it works for someone.

1 Like{{account}}/{{service}}/odata/ProcessSchedules?$orderby=StartProcessCronDetails asc&$filter=ExecutorRobots/any(d:d/Id eq 98948)&$expand=ExecutorRobots

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