Getting ProcessSchedule though API


I would like to be able to call my processSchdule through an API, to make an interface that helps starting an available robot, which is not about to be scheduled.

I found that the ProcessSchdule is gotten accessed by the GET API CALL: /odata/ProcessSchedules
The issue is that is does not implify which robot have been scheduled.

can someone help me to solve this issue for better utilizing my robots?



This works in 2019.2


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Hi Florent

That works, thank you so much!

do you know how I can write a select statement around it, so I only get say Id from the expanded ExecutorRobots and StartProcessCronSummary

I would personally work this from Json & Linq perspective, but there is certainly a way to do it using odata, I am just not profficient enough in it :slight_smile:


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