How to get postponed date of queue item

Hi there,

How to get the postponed date of queue item from orchestrator.
I have used defer date property but still it is giving the created date

Hi @sangeethaneelavannan1

Try this-

  1. Add the Get Transaction Item activity to your workflow.
  2. Set the Orchestrator HTTP Request activity to the Get Transaction Item method.
  3. Provide the necessary parameters, such as the Orchestrator URL, Asset name, Queue name, and Item Reference. The Item Reference should be the unique reference of the queue item you want to retrieve.
  4. Create a variable to store the response, such as transactionItem.
  5. Use an If condition to check if the response is successful (e.g., transactionItem.Succeeded).
  6. Inside the If condition, you can access the deferred date using the transactionItem.Deferred property. This will provide the date and time when the item was deferred.


I would like to get transaction item reference number by filtering out with the defer it possible ?