Postpone Transaction

I am trying to use postpone transaction with framework. I use a get queue items to see how many items there are in the orchestrator queue to work and it is pulling all new items even ones that are postponed. How do I exclude postponed items from the Get Queue Items activity?

have a look on this activity:

with this activity you can look on existing items along with some filterings without changing the status from new to in progress

Once you have evaluated then use Get Transaction Item along with the particular ReferenceID and work with a particular transaction item

The problem that I am running into is that the postponed items are set back to New status after being postponed so I don’t know what to filter on.

You used Get Transaction Item activity, right?

I do use Get Transaction Item later but I was just trying to see if there is a way to filter out the postponed transactions from the Get Queue Items activity so the list i get up front only includes items that can actually be worked.

do a check if you can do the evaluations by following:

Also the Orchestrator Rest API helps for such retrieval tasks as well