Find text position accuracy

Hello everyone,

I am trying to automate a search using Find Text Position Activity, for example I am searching for Asus,
The results are:

  • Asus vivobook
  • Asus zenbook
  • Asus
    and I want my activity to click on the Asus (the simple one, it is a variable all the time), right now it is clicking on the first result that contains Asus, in my case Asus vivobook.
    Any idea how to make it more accurate? (click the exactly variable I m giving to it)

Calculating the occurence with a more specific keyvalue can be done with multiple options (RegEx, LINQ…)

using this information can be done with the help of following setting:

Occurrence - If the string in the Text field appears more than once in the indicated UI element, specify here the number of the occurrence that you want to click. For example, if the string appears 4 times and you want to click the first occurrence, write 1 in this field. The default value is 1.