How to get only specific data from an excel sheet and move it to another sheet


I have an excel sheet with dates and other data. I want to split the data into two sheets.
Lets say if the data in sheet is in between 1 Dec 2021 to 20 Dec 2021. I want to split the data of first 2 days(i.e., data of 1st and 2nd dec) in one sheet and rest of the dates data in another sheet.
I’m attaching the sample file for reference and please refer only to Neo-sabre sheet.

Comparison_report_08Dec21_1013.xlsx (827.3 KB)

any leads is appreciated and Thanks in advance.


Could you please attach some sample inputs and expected output?


@Sirimalla_Karthik_Chandra - Have you tried Filter Data Table Activity. Please follow the below steps,

  1. Build a data table based on the format that you want to see in the output files.
  2. Read the excel file using Read Range Activity
  3. Use for each and add data row activities to insert the data into the built data table.
  4. Build logic to identify the dates that you want to filter (refer note below).
  5. Once you identify the dates (first two dates & remaining dates), Use Filter Data table activity to filter the dates that you want to ignore. You can input the dates are variable to Filter Data Table activity.
  6. Insert the output data table into output excel file.

NOTE: If you want to calculate consider only 1st and 2nd date of the month, then you may need to use DateTime method. If you want to consider the first two dates of a range of dates, then you may need to use min and max of dates methods.