Extract Data from excel file to another file by filtring specifi Data

Hello all,

I want to Extract data from an excel file by using the filter of “country” by choosing name of country “Morocco” or another country to another file by filtering just one filter on UIPATH, Can you help me please? you can see the Example on the Picture.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @Maroua302,

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  1. Take an Excel Application Scope .

  2. Inside the Scope . Take an Read Range Activity and Pass the Sheet Name - This Will output an Datatable for you Say - InputDT.

  3. Take an Filter DatatTable activity and apply filters as shown below


  1. outputDT Now have the FilteredRows.

  2. You Can use an WriteRange activity to write this DataTable to other Excel.


Move Data.zip (18.4 KB)
here you go…
cheers @Maroua302

thank you so much, i have found a video of what i need its about filtering Data table.

thank you so much, glad to join the Community.

I have found a video with the same method :

i need your help on Something more complicated, if you can help me, i need to copy every Celle “Name” on new file, is that possible?

Thanks in advance,

As Far as i understand , you need to copy every Cell of the Column “Name” to a new Excel .

So, FilterDataTable activity has this option of output columns.
Let say , you have 5 Rows in the Main Input DataTable and you want to move only the Name Column to a new Excel where Country = “Morocco”

So , Country =“Morroco” Goes in the filter Rows and To keep only 1 Column , use outputColumns Option as shown below.




Thank you for your request, i already do that, but i want that every name is paste on new page separately on the same column an save it.

Can you help me on that please?

did you checked my sample workflow??

hey, no did you post it ?

Yes… he has it posted here…

Thanks for your help, but i need to generate a long workbook, this is just an exemple, i have à facture to generate where the is “Name” “Price” and “Type of Payment” i need to filter “Type of payment” like we did with country by a filtre, and not mention this row, i need to copy just data of Name and price and paste it to another workbook where i have name of row so he should look for rows where their is Price and Name and write juste the first “name” of the list then i will save the file and regenerate another until finishing all names , can you help me on that please?