How to get number in between Range


I have excel which has telephone numbers i have to select those numbers in website.
But in website numbers are in range how to select.

New Microsoft Excel Worksheet (3).xlsx (10.7 KB)
Example excel sheet:- telephone number is “5095275720”
in website “5095275719-+5095275729”
I have to select the 5095275720


Hi Hima,

You can use simple regular expressions to get the number like-


Let us know if you need any further details. :call_me_hand:

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Subhas Malik

So you have to extract the first part which 5095275719 and then add plus one to get 5095275720?? is this your requirement?

Hi Subhas,

Below are the steps Iam following.

I have excel sheet- Reading excel and storing data in DT
In website i have list box- Bot will read list list box and store the values in array
In for each row iam comparing DT row values with rray value using for each
Form DT i will get single value and i have written condition the row value matches with array value select the telephone number.
Bot is not able to select the telephone number in the ranges-5095275719-+5095275729 when ever the number is in in middle (8.2 KB)

Example:- if my telephone number is some where- 5095275723

how to reslove this issue. Workflow also attached.