How to get lineitems from SAP?

I am not able to extract line details from there any possible to get line items from SAP then write into Excel?
Kindly share suggestions

Thank U.

can i have a view on the form from where the line item details is obtained in SAP if possible
cheers @Kalees9486

I have attached a screenshot for your reference. @Palaniyappan


Thank U.

Fine we can get these data from database right
do you have access for that buddy @Kalees9486

No.we don’t have rights.extract only by screen. @Palaniyappan

Were we able to select that table alone as a element
if so we can use ScreenScrapping option from design menu with Full text option
or we can use Find Children activity to get this being a java application (i hope so)
but make sure java extension is installed

Kindly have a view on this for more info

Cheers @Kalees9486

i will try. @Palaniyappan
Thank U.

Cheers @Kalees9486