How to get latest downloaded file in a workflow or sequence?

Hi All,

Can anyone help me to get a solution for the above
After downloading of the file I stored it in a variable and i dont understand how to open it now. I am new to this platform and tool.

Now i want to open that downloaded file to perform operations in it.

Uploading: image.png…

Hello @Vishal_Singh1 ,

I do not see the screenshot, if you upload it.
Can you try again?


Hi @wasea


I have downloaded the file in “Click Text” step and storing it in a variable by retrieving it from the system as the latest file .

I checked it by placing a message box at the end.

Hi @Vishal_Singh1

Have you tried start process activity,if you pass the filepath in it it will open the file…thanks

Hello @Vishal_Singh1 ,

Did you used the Wait for download activity?

Use this activity to solve your scenario

I hope it helps.


try this sequence:

Hi @Adrian_Star Thanks for the help . I will try it later on i have got a more short and precise method for now

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