How to get desired text from a document

open in UiPath explorer and tick on inner text

I am not able to see inner text for this

Try screen scraping method

or share the webpage link

Hi @raju_alakuntla

Use read pdf once it converts to text.
use Find match
Insert this pattren : (?<=Name:).*)

Please use get text OCR I done for a sample PDF I attached the screen capture below. If you need to dinamic please check the selector and find the selector which changes every time.

its giving boolean value. How can I get the exact text?

NO Use match

I share the screen capture that gives you idea i try to extract different value but use that pattren which i given you inside find match patterns hat ever I Higlight please observe carefully


these are the errors I am getting. please help to resolve them

I already shared some sample docs. if you can build the code with these docs that will be great help to me please

I am Sharing the code with you please check your chat.


can you try this using assign activity instead of using the matches activity

Input variable is your input string
(?<=Name:).*) you can replace it with regex expression that you are using

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