How to get data from Putty terminal

Hi all,

Am trying to automate our daily activities. Daily my first work is to login the linux server and check the Storage usage and CPU usage. how to get or capture the data in Putty terminal… any suggestion how to do this… In every day i spend 2 Hrs for this activity…

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@SriRam - One way to get this data is by running a cron job with a script which can email these details to you every day. Any particular reason you want to use UiPath for this? Are there any additional activities you would like to automate?

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Yes @sreenivasm if i automate this process my work will reduce, that time i can do another works.

Hi @SriRam,

install terminal packages and try it

@SriRam - But my question was, why not use a shell script to do this? Why do you want to use UiPath? Any specific reason you need to use UiPath?

want to automate pulling data from multiple servers through putty and consolidate that data for reports.
no connection between servers, so shell script is not that reliable.
how do we do this using UI Path