How to get data from pdf based on random location uipath

How to get data from pdf based on random location by name and address.

Hi @pankajs3,

It depends what is the format of your PDF

Is it Native PDF or scanned PDF

Native PDF:

If its Native Pdf then you can use Read Pdf text and the output of that you can use regular expressions and you can retrieve data.

Scanned PDF:

If its scanned pdf then you have to use read pdf text with Ocr and see if the output is Proper or readable if its proper you can use Regular expression.
If the data is not proper you can try with Computer Vision Activities, which are used to extract values from a scanned PDF

Here you can go through how to install computer vision activities and how to work with them

Thnaks @anil5 for your reply
I having native pdf.

this given box data i have to capture but in many othere file there location is different but based on heading or key reference i have to decide and extract that data

Hi @pankajs3,

Can you use read PDF text and to the output of that can you use regular expressions

Can you provide the text or PDF, so I can show you for 1 and you can do the same for others, position doesn’t matter as we will be taking the reference as label.

How i send you pdf?

can you tell me your mail id?

Send me a private message in forum