How to get data from excel file by cell from A1, A2, A3,...., An to search on google

I have one excel file. Inside it contains words. that want to be searched on google. I want to get data from all column A in excel file to google search one by one.


Use the read range activity and store the data in variable and the use the for each row in data table and take the assign activity and pass the syntax as Currentrow(“Your Column Name”).ToString to a variable and the do the necessary actions within that for each row in data table after the assign activities.


Hi @Famui_Yanisa

Read Range
For each Row

I hope it helps!!


Read range the excel file
For each row in datatable
Open Google Search
Use type into:CurrentRow(“Col Name”).ToString

I hope it give an idea

Hi @Famui_Yanisa

  • Step 1-> Use the read range workbook activity to read the excel and store it in a datatable
  • Step 2-> Use for each row in datatable activity to iterate the every row in datatable.
  • Step 3-> Store the column value in a variable by using Assign activity give like this
    → StrVar = Currentrow(“Column Name”).toString
  • Step 4-> Pass the variable in the Open application\browser activity if you are using modern
    activities. Open browser activity if you are using classic activities.

Note - In Use application\browser after indicating any browser delete the informative screenshot and pass the variable in the Browser URL option in this activity.

Hope it helps!!