How to compare multiple data in a single website then click on download?

How to compare multiple data in a single website then click on download button if the name, id etc matches with original data which is present in same website.

First we search data of a person in a website , then the website matches the records and gives us few similar result.
I need to compare the original data with the searched result and click the corresponding download button.
how can it be done?

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After you search for the data on the website scrap that data and have it stored in a data table variable.

Run a loop on the data and then compare if, with the original data, you have if the data matches then break the data. You can use nested if-else or have multiple conditions in a single if-else as per your requirements.

After that create a dynamic selector in a way that if the data matches it will click the corresponding download button.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you still have questions.


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Hi ,

1.Scrap the data and have it in a Data table.
2. Have the original Data for the same in the Variables.
3. Loop through the data table using for each row.
4. if it is exact match , you can use if condition . In case , if is not exact match and it is based on some percentage - you can use levenshtein algorithm . there are some custom activities available for the same .
5. If it matches , download the respective file.

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