How to get current jobID and robotName from studio

there is a question about i want to get current jobID and robotName from studio
without calling orchestrator api
because execution log file has all these default logs
so i think there might be a way to get jobID and robotName
please help me , tks


For the machine name : Environment.MachineName but i don’t know with the JobID

Welcome to uipath community
We can use Get Environment Variables activity to get,

  1. MachineName
  2. UserName

And to get the JobId
Kindly have a view in this
I haven’t used this, but let’s give a try

Cheers @suzchang

thanks for your reply
but i have already seen this article
UiPath.Executor.ExecutorManager.Instance.Id.ToString() cannot work
it will return exception --> ‘Executor’ is not a member of ‘UiPath’
and the other way is calling orchestrator api
but i have more than one robot is running, calling orchestrator api is not adoptable for me

do u have another suggestion? tks

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