How to get current jobID and robotName from studio

there is a question about i want to get current jobID and robotName from studio
without calling orchestrator api
because execution log file has all these default logs
so i think there might be a way to get jobID and robotName
please help me , tks


For the machine name : Environment.MachineName but i don’t know with the JobID

Welcome to uipath community
We can use Get Environment Variables activity to get,

  1. MachineName
  2. UserName

And to get the JobId
Kindly have a view in this
I haven’t used this, but let’s give a try

Cheers @suzchang

thanks for your reply
but i have already seen this article
UiPath.Executor.ExecutorManager.Instance.Id.ToString() cannot work
it will return exception --> ‘Executor’ is not a member of ‘UiPath’
and the other way is calling orchestrator api
but i have more than one robot is running, calling orchestrator api is not adoptable for me

do u have another suggestion? tks

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Is there a solution yet?

Hi @neriaa, welcome to forum did u tried orchestrator API ?

Hi Nived,
Thank you for the reply.
As far as I understood, Orchestrator API method gets the Job Ids of the Jobs that are currently Running on the specific machine, but not necessarily the JobId of the current Job. Is this correct?
I’m afraid it could cause problems if more than one Job will be running on the same machine. Is it possible? and if so, is there an alternative solution?

Could you find any solution?