Get current job running

hi all,

how I can get the name of current job running in orch if exist.
(in different process )

Hi @Yazan_Otaibi

I think so this should be possible through Orchestrator API:

You can try to find more at this link.
From here you fetch details of the Jobs.

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Hi @Yazan_Otaibi

Check below post for your reference

Hope this may help you


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no its not helpful i see the post
i want the name of process


Also theirs an activity called as Get Jobs:

Here you can put filter and get details.

That would be able to get you all the job details.

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its return just number of jobs !!

Enumerable.SelectListIterator<JobDto, OrchestratorJob>(Count = 1)
this is what return


@Yazan_Otaibi what orchestrator are you using ? Basically you can get JobID and based on properties you can get ReleaseID ( Process name ) of this job, but i can’t help since don’t know is it on prem o cloud and what version.

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