How to get Class name in Visual studio while debugging

I am doing debugging in Visual Studio using UIPATH. I am able to do that but i am not able get class name using UIPATH. while pressing F11 each line I want to get the class name as well.

Can you elaborate how you are doing that?

Why you are using UiPath to do debugging in visual studio?

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there are one requirement to make one report of end to end execution of a process in visual studio. I am using UIPath for that.opening the visual studio using CMD.then doing keyboard action like pressing F11.till the end of the execution it will keep on pressing F11.Using CTRL+C I can copy each of the executed line and paste into excel.But I want to get the file or class name where the the current execution control is.That I am unable to there any keyboard shortcut?Visual Studio editor is behaving like an image there.Is there any way to scrap the value after “Class”?

There are lot of shortcuts @Arindam,

Can you check this :

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