UiPath Debugger capabilities

Hello everyone from UiPath community,
I have observed that we really need better debugging capabilities in Uipath studio.
Prior to switching to Uipath RPA framework, I have worked on VB6 and .NET, C#, java programming languages using Visual basic editor, different versions of Visual studio and eclipse.

I feel that we need better debugger with the feature to allow few features as follows:

  1. Add watch (developer should be able to introduce variable to see its values in local window at run time. Also, if it is a object then we should be able to drill down to all it’s child and see different values of its child elements.
  2. A facility to be able to move pointers from one step to another forcefully by dragging to to intended steps.

Feel free to add or comment if you agree on this or have better ways to manage while coding.


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