How to get Citrix Scope to work?

Hi all, I can’t seem to get the Citrix Scope Activity to work. The Citrix extension sis installed on my PC, and the RemoteRuntime is installed on the Citrix server. When I enter my data into the properties and run the workflow, the program fails almost immediately and then returns the following error message:
“Citrix Scope: Response from server does not contain valid XML”
Interestingly, no matter what I enter as username and password, I get the same error message. The Server-IP and Port seem to be correct, as, if I change them, the process timeouts and returns
“Citrix Scope: Unable to connect to the remote server”.
Is anyone familiar with this kind of problem? I would like to automate a proces within Citrix from my local PC. I have already automated a simple process using the “Attach Window” activity on the Citrix window, however Studio becomes very slow, and selectors take up to a minute to generate. I was hoping Citrix Scope would improve my situation.
Thank you.

Hi @weigertkunde,
Any possibility that firewall blocks you?


I have the same issue, is “Citrix Scope” activity necessary to automate Citrix based apps ? How can we alternatively proceed?